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Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyer

Columbus White Collar Crime Attorney

One of the most stressful times in life follows being charged or arrested with a crime. You are worried about both the legal punishments and the consequences to your personal and professional life. In these situations, you need an experienced lawyer standing by your side, ready to vigorously fight to defend your rights.

Criminal defense covers a broad array of topics and charges. Through my more than 35 years of experience, I have handled a great deal of different types of cases. You can count on me to use my vast knowledge of the law, in conjunction with my extensive experience, to design a unique and effective strategy for your defense.

I am Samuel B. Weiner, an Ohio criminal defense attorney who has provided quality representation to clients charged with a wide range of crimes, including:

No matter how strong the case against you seems, I will work to investigate and challenge all aspects of your charge, from the arrest report to witness statements to the legality of a police search. I am committed to providing aggressive defense for my clients through a settlement, plea agreement or trial.

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If you need criminal defense in Ohio, contact Samuel B. Weiner Co., L.P.A., by calling 614-556-4273 or via the e-mail form on this website. We offer a free initial consultation, free parking and flexible hours by appointment.