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Ohio Attorney for Licensed Professionals Charged With Criminal Conduct

Columbus Professional and Medical License Defense Attorney

As a society, we hold licensed professionals to a higher standard. Unfortunately, professionals fall victim to the same mistakes and errors in judgment that everyone else does. In these situations, you need a lawyer who is accustomed to protecting licensed professionals against criminal charges.

I am Samuel B. Weiner, and I routinely defend doctors, nurses, teachers and other licensed professionals facing criminal charges. I encourage you to contact my office immediately to take advantage of a free initial consultation.

As an Ohio attorney for licensed professionals charged with criminal conduct, my first goal is to minimize the consequences you suffer — both personally and professionally. Many regulations exist that would cause a licensed professional to be punished by his or her own industry following a criminal conviction. You could face suspension, termination and the loss of your license altogether.

Many professionals work around highly addictive narcotics each and every day. This constant access can lead to fraud, misuse and addiction. Most often, my clients face charges involving drugs, including:

  • OxyContin
  • Morphine
  • Vicodin
  • Codeine
  • Fiorinal

Even though this list represents the drugs most commonly involved in the defense cases I handle, I encourage you to contact my office if your charge stems from another drug or another reason altogether. If I cannot help you, I will provide a list of trusted referrals.

Contact the Firm

If you are a licensed professional charged with criminal conduct in Ohio, contact Samuel B. Weiner Co., L.P.A., by calling 614-556-4273 or via the e-mail form on this website. We offer a free initial consultation, free parking and flexible hours by appointment.